Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Studio Report: Mark Kelson

Work continued this month on The Brink. This recording session has been in Melbourne, Australia in the studio with vocalist/guitarist Mark Kelson. Most of the guitars and vocals are finished now ahead of schedule so we can take advantage of the extra days and experiment a bit more. We even managed to get out and play some songs live on stage last weekend.

Mark Kelson & Duncan Patterson, Melbourne

"Working on this album 'The Brink' has been something I've been looking forward to for a long time. My friendship and my respect for Duncan as a musician and songwriter has spanned for many years, so to finally have a chance to add my own touch to his music has been fantastic.

Duncan arrived in Melbourne last week and immediately we began the process of setting up Pro-Tools sessions and sorting out what work was ahead of us. Fairly early on I felt we were aiming to achieve the same things musically & it all began to move at a great natural pace.
Adding the heavy guitars was great fun, coming from a heavy rock background it was something I felt very comfortable with and sonically I felt it was where I could leave my mark. Although it has also been great to explore new musical ideas together. I feel this album is entering some new territory for all of us as we are not setting limits on ourselves stylistically.
The task of vocals has been far more challenging and I feel Duncan has helped me push myself in some directions I've always wanted to dabble in but never had the chance to in my previous & current musical ventures. I really like the raw energy we have captured.
Each day we work on this record I find myself getting a deeper understanding of the album conceptually and the actual weight that the lyrical content has. This is not an album for the light hearted. So be prepared to be challenged if you open yourself to it. 


All I can say about 'The Brink' is it is some of the darkest and deepest material Duncan has produced and I'm proud to be part of it. I look forward to sharing this with you all and I hope you can get as much from it as I am" - Mark Kelson

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