Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Recording for 'The Brink' completed

We finally wrapped up the bulk of the recording for The Brink yesterday. There may be minor alterations prior to the mix but we have an album here all ready to level out and make sound even better. The last few weeks have been really productive down here in Melbourne, we've hardly left the studio (only really to eat and sleep). Mark really pushed himself vocally and worked his arse off on the engineering side of things, while I have been overlooking everything and getting the right combination of instruments and sounds playing the right parts in the right places. We're now going to take a well deserved break from it until I return to the studio in August to mix it with a clear head. As soon as we know a release date it'll be posted everywhere, along with preview clips building up to the release.
I've really enjoyed the process with this record, pure creation without any sense of competition or fear that its a bit 'outside the box' in parts from anyone involved. We've also been helped out by some decent people who are eager to see us have a bit of luck with this one. Lending us equipment and that, and an awful lot of folk who have simply showed goodwill, much appreciated like. Good vibes all round (for such a dark album). Looking forward to having the finished product ready for everyone interested.

All the best,

Duncan Patterson

Studio 3, Melbourne Australia

Take 2

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